Fall Team

$1000 or more

Don and Rosie Gooder

Meirick  Family

Dave Harty

Dale Bahr

Nehl and Cec McKone

Gerald Sovereign Family

Sovereign, Inc.

Merle and Marge Sovereign

Decision Team

$500 to $1000

Glen Brand in memory of Mary Lou Brand

Luverne Klar

Tom Peckham

Russ Baker

Jerome and Norma Hruska

Jeffrey Harty

George Gast

Stewart R. Johnson

Takedown Team

$250 to $500

Chuck and Joan Curtis

Howard and Jane Goldsworthy

Dan and Kathleen Gable in memory of Kathlene D. Gable

James Grover D.V.M.

Allyn and Diane Billmyer

The Seversons, Arlin - Edward - Larry

Mark Sindlinger

The Family of Nehl & Cec McKone

Bob Bowlsby

Gordon Moser

Lester Fields

Steve Slifka

Mrs. Finn Eriksen in memory of Finn

Escape Team

$100 to $250

Leon 'Champ' Marten in memory of Dorothy & Dean Marten

Dave Natvig

Clyde Bean

Mary E. Flanagan in memory of Chris

Russ Smith

Paul Scott

Franc Freeman

Geneva Peckham

Keith Young

Dale Brand in memory of Chris Flanagan

Gene Lybbert

Don Nichols in memory of Harold J. Nichols

Elsie Bartelma in memory of David C. Bartelma

Jim Zalesky

Gerald Leeman in memory of Robert T. "Bob" Mitchell

Lee Johnson in memory of George E. Johnson

Merlin Schmauss Family in memory of Merlin

Simon Roberts

Gordon Landswerk

Paul Haight

Lowell and Gladys Sovereign

Wayne and Marlene Sovereign

Al Baxter

Brian Scholbrock

Les Anderson

Jim Harmon

Gene and Barb Maakestad

Don Henry

John Roberts

Bob Darrah

Greg and Teri Gruss

In memory of Geneva Peckham by Tom, Ruth, and Families

Dick Govig

Craig Schwienebart

Donald & Sandra Lee Henry Family in honor of Norman Borlaug