2010 Awards Banquet Recap

The 2010 Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony and awards banquet was held on Monday evening April 12th at the Cresco Country Club, in Cresco, IA. A crowd of nearly 150 enjoyed the program.

Following dinner, selection committee member Don Gooder presented inductee Mike Chapman. Chapman entertained the crowd with his knowledge of wrestling history, centering much of his talk on the great Frank Gotch.

Selection committee member Dan Gable introduced inductees Mark Ironside and Jason Smith. Ironside spoke of his experiences in the Iowa wrestling room, and practicing with the Brands brothers on a daily basis.

While introducing Smith, Gable had teammates Tom Peckham and Chuck Jean join him and Smith at the podium. Gable stated that he considered the four legends in wrestling, and that this was a very special occasion for him. Smith spoke of the four as”hunter killers”. He then talked about changing the way we think about improving as athletes, working from inside the body with what we put in it.

Selection committee member Dave Harty introduced inductee Bob Roethler. Roethler recounted his fight for life with an aneurysm and colon cancer, and stated that wrestling in fact saved his life.

2010 Inductees
  • Jason Smith
  • Mike Chapman
  • Mark Ironside
  • Bob Roethler
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