Here’s your opportunity to visit with Bob Steenlage

Bob enjoys talking with coaches, wrestlers or anyone else who could use a boost of encouragement over the phone or in person.  Just give Bob a call and/or tell him whom you would like him a call and the phone number.  (Bob can be reached at 608-323-2065 / 8199 / 0243)  View his website for contact information and more on Bob’s presentations and personal development opportunities, and/or his book “Fighting Back.”  His biography is written by Mike Chapman, who was inducted into the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2010.

Bob would like all to know about a Personal Development program he conducts every Thursday at 9 PM ET, 8 CT, 7 MT and 6 PT.  Just call the following conference call line: 712-432-2900, pin 635-261#.  You can email Bob at