Royce Alger

2005 Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductee

During the 1980’s, Royce Alger of Lisbon was one of the most dominating wrestlers in the state of Iowa while a solid case could also be made for being the same for the nation and the world.

Throughout his entire career, Alger, from Lisbon, was a title holder. While in high school, Alger won three state titles. In 1981 the sophomore captured the 138 pound title and defended that weight title as a junior. As a senior, Alger then won the 167 pound title. He followed that up with a Junior National title in 1983.

At the University of Iowa, Alger continued his winning ways by capturing the Big Ten crown as a 158 pound sophomore. As a junior, Alger won his first NCAA title at 158 pounds while also winning a second national title as a senior at 167 pounds.

Other honors rolled up during his career included being a three-time Big Ten champion, a two-time World Cup Gold Medalist, a 1990 World Silver Medalist, a three-time U.S. Open Champion and a two-time Pan American Gold Medalist.

Alger noted the keys to his success were “Hard work and great coaching.”

Alger was inducted into the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2005 along with Bob Steenlage, Dick Black, and Mike McCready.

Additional Honors & Achievements
  • Two-time Big Ten Outstanding Wrestler
  • Two-time World Cup Gold Medalist
  • 1990 World Silver Medalist
  • Three-time U.S. Open Champion
  • Two-time Pan American Gold Medalist
Royce Alger Featured Photo
High School

CoachBrad Smith

  • 1981 State Champion, 138 pounds
  • 1982 State Champion, 138 pounds
  • 1983 State Champion, 167 pounds

University of Iowa

CoachDan Gable

  • 1986 Big Ten Champion, 158 pounds
  • 1987 Big Ten Champion, 158 pounds
  • 1987 National Champion, 158 pounds
  • 1988 Big Ten Champion, 167 pounds
  • 1988 National Champion, 167 pounds